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Policies & info

Hours of operation

Monday 10am-6pm

Tuesday 10am-6pm

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 10am-4pm

Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 10am-6pm

There is only two of us so at time we take breaks.

Additional off days will be posted on our FB page, Website and Google.

Live show times on Facebook

Thursday - 7 pm CST - New item showcase

Pop-up lives will be random times from store front.

Facebook page and group

Our main page is HERE . This is where you will find our live sale feeds and sales post. We also have a group page HERE . This is where our customers come together to have fun and ask questions. We also do a weekly giveaway. Rules in the group are no selling, no promoting other sellers, and no drama.


Purchases can only be made within the US. For international purchases please contact us. Items found on the website can only be purchased on the website. We will not pull items from the website to add to an open Facebook box.

OPEN BOX Website and Facebook orders can only be combined by using the "add to open box" option at check out. Customers must have a current open box with us with a balance to use this option. If this option is chosen without having an open box, your items will not be shipped out until a shipping cost invoice is paid. If website order is below $100, additional shipping cost may be added to your Facebook invoice. Reaching free shipping with the website will not transfer free shipping to your Facebook order.

Items purchased in the clearance and damaged section are purchased "as is" . No returns or refunds are available for these items


Canceled orders are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Minimum restocking fee is $20. Orders can only be canceled prior to shipping. Once orders have been shipped if you choose to cancel you must "return to sender" without opening package. Once we receive returned package we can cancel your order. You will be charged the restocking fee in addition to our cost of shipping to you.


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